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Monday, March 24, 2014

MARIA be making you feel Helpless.

Oh the irony, the irony. MARIA's singing about how much she dislikes a hoe for doing what a hoe does.
Yet she looks like she works in a sex shop with all that black duct tape around her body and big fake tits, all while rapping under a bunch of cheap skanks and grabbing some butt cheeks.

I may not be a big fan of rap music, but I like this so much that I had to buy this song on amazon. Pair a hot mess track with an even messier video and we get THE BEST VIDEO  released last year. I've been jamming to this so hard since August 2013 and it won't get old! I was not ready for this.

What I learned from this video is that if you're ass ain't eating your thong, you're not doing it right. I don't know who that nasty trick with the cheap blonde wig and a tattoo on her butt cheek is, but she gives no f*cks and even has the guts to insinuate that MARIA's talking 'bout chu.

Just felt like sharing:

"Hey gurl, i'm talkin' bout chu".

Just beware, she might "PUNCH YOU IN DA FACE!".

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