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Monday, March 24, 2014

New Release: AFTERSCHOOL - Dress To Kill - 19/03/2014

CD Only


AFTERSCHOOL is one of the few Kpop groups that I like... But only their japanese music. As in the case of other korean artists, these ladies have a case of the weird desease that makes korean acts release their best music in japanese material. 

After Kahi left the group I though these girls were going to lose their track, since Kahi not only was the former leader of the group, but also the most charismatic, the best live performer in the group and had killer looks as a bonus. 

What were the remaining group of skinny hoes going to do without the face of the group? Replace a chick and continue to release music like if nothing happened, of course. That's how the Idol industry works like. Meanwhile they learned how to pole dance, look butch and let everyone know that dem noses are fake.

Turns out Kahi's solo releases were a huge flop and Her manager can't be bothered to show up to her parties.

On the other side, AFTERSCHOOL worked with Shinichi Osawa, who produced their singles "Heaven" and "Shh" (Which I both enjoy). And now comes "Dress To Kill", their second Japanese album. Which was released this past 19/03/2014, chances of this album being a hit are long gone, it debuted at #14 on the Oricon charts and fell of the top 50 quicker than Katy Perry's credibility as a live performer. (Dat Roar performance at Cannes this year).

Since Slavex made the original video private, here's a copy of it and a preview of what's on the album:

They jumped on the EMD wagon as well, i'll have to wait for my copy of this thing to make up my mind. 
Me no like the previews.


1.Dress Code (~Theme of 'Dress to kill'~)
2.Dress To Kill



5.Crazy Driver  


7.Yes No Yes  


9.In The Moonlight

10.Rock It!


12.Killing Eyes (~End of 'Dress to kill'~)

*There's exclusive bonus tracks for the CD only and Mu-Mo editions but I can't be bothered to find which tracks are them.

AVEX was setting this bitches up when they announced the album right before Shh's release, thus the single had their lowest first week sales, but the bad luck carried over and this is flopping. I'm still having hopes for these chicks, they have tried concepts that most girl groups wouldn't even dare to try: Playing drums, pole dancing, tapping, etc...

After everything is said and done, i'm pretty sure that it'll turn out they were dressed to be killed. 

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