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Monday, March 24, 2014


Just like the title says... I guess there's no better way to start posting up in this shit.

Welcome to "Shady Candy Shop"!!. And if by reading the description you didn't notice what this is going to be, let me explain it to you. I listen to this wonderful type of music, it's in a language that you might believe it's chinese like anything else asian-related, and might sound like something that came out of some videogame or cartoon with big eyed characters. Yes that's right... Another J-Pop blog!!. Crickets...?

Well actually not only a J-Pop blog, i'm also really into asian movies and videogames, so you might come across some random posts every once in a while.

You might already know me as FokinRG, or you might as well be wondering "who's dis mofo and why am I even here?".  Hopefully you're feeling the former and not the last one...

So that's basically it, just another Japanese music fan that lives outside Japan and you might consider weird, but you better not call me a "weaboo", cause that shit doesn't fly with me. I don't prance around thinking that i'm a cat and typing "nya-nya" or an anime fanatic (I do enjoy anime thought, just not an Otaku).

And if you're still reading, like J-Pop, are smart enough to understand that not everything asian is automatically chinese  and get my sense of humour ~ Dat humour every J-Pop fan around the web understands ~.  Then we'll get along really well!

As for who I am, just another human being trying to pursue his dreams and get to be someone in life,  while flopping hard at doing so.

And to inaugare this shit in a Sweet way, i'm leaving you here the very reason for the title of this blog:

I had totally forgotten about this chick until she dropped "Candy Shop Sugar Me". A.k.a her best album ever and my sweet addiction. *Take dis faree dast and do anysing I say*.

PS: As what you'll find here in the future, almost the same thing you've already seen a thousand times before on other blogs/forums. ~Videos, news, artist bashing, reviews, etc. Not meant to be taken seriously~ "Candy". Still new to this blogger thing, so expect photo banner, gadgets, html designs and fancy shit like that in a while.  So meanwhile, dis be lookin' cheap.

Thanks for reading!

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