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Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Voyage is over! Guess Who's Back Touring?

 The once so-called JPOP princesses BoA and Koda Kumi are back on stage! Or they were... Because them tours are almost, or over already! They surely don't know the meaning of peace.

Just like any other performer under contract with AVEX, and a recently released album; these hoes had to tour for Bon Voyage and Who's Back?. Oh, also AFTERSCHOOL's irrelevant asses will be touring in November after Dress To Kill was sent to die back in March.

Check out some previews of what's about to be released soon, or by the end of 2014/early 2015:


Koda Kumi:


It's nice to see all of these chicks being able to tour in Japan, even after the low sales Bon Voyage, Dress To Kill, and Who's Back? had. I haz a soft spot for all of them, and seems like AVEX won't be dropping any skinny slaves this year. Skankumi ain't gettin' dropped fo'sho though, she's a legacy act by now, and Rhythm Zone (her management label) is still ranking yen off of her. BoA and AFTERSCHOOL on the other hand... They could careless. While the music is good, is the management that its lacking. Touring to promote the album you released 9 months ago ain't how things work, much less you drop a new one with only a new track after 4 years of singles. It's not like Pledis or SM care either...                                                  

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