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Saturday, October 4, 2014

New Release: Kalafina - "Believe" 11/19/2014.

CD Only

Mah singing angels from seventh heaven are releasing another single. YES ANOTHER SINGLE. 
They can't help it. Yuki has become a pimp lately, endorsing as many animes as she can find, and have these girls sing the opening and ending themes for new series. Sometimes I wish they could get rid of the anime gimmick and find independence from tie-ins... But that would be a bad business move, so they have to keep their asses under Yuki Pimpyura's management if they want to get dat money. Covers and tracklist!:



1. Believe 
2. In Every Nothing 
3. Lapis 
4. Believe -instrumental-


Belive -Music Video-
*To be determined*

They're barely stopped promoting The Best "Red" and "Blue", and they already have 2 new singles released. Anyway, Believe is the OP theme song for some Fate Stay Night anime, and it probably has an anime edition, but I'm too lazy to cover or even research for it.

Believe drops on November 19th!

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