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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Check out Color Code's Debut PV "I Like Dat".

"You like dis?"

Color Code is a new girl group that will be using "Fashion" as their concept. Nicola Formicehetti, -famous fashion director- together with Nippon Columbia, held an audition named POP ICON PROJECT TOKYO, in order to find some pretty hoes for a new girl group and make dat money.

Tsujikawa Nanami (left), Yasukawa Marisa (center), and Moriyasu Maku (right), were the winners of said odishon. In order to follow up with the rehashed concept about fashion forward models, they died their hair in awful colors, pose like they already the next big thing, and wear whatever Nicola could find at the Dolla Sto'. And so here is their debut single I Like Dat:


I like dis! I do!. At first I couldn't take the hoe with the thirsty pink wig seriously, I still think she's trying too hard to be Lady Gaga (Whom Nicola worked with). The girl with the blue hair has the most annoying voice ever heard since Ayumi Hamasaki's. And I can't complain about the chick with the weird white thing around her head, her verses are autotuned fire. This whole thing is autotuned to death, minus the thirsty ho's solo lines. But it works, this song is electro-pop for a reason, and that's because they probably can't sing for shit, or maybe because Verbal from M-Flo has been on a falling streak since Cosmicolor. But whatever, me likes dis.

The single went on sale back in September 17th, and it probably flopped hard... I know it flopped hard, dey know it flopped hard. Do dey like dat? 

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