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Sunday, September 28, 2014

New Release: Yamashita Tomohisa - "YOU". 10/08/2014.


I'm wondering what the heck is wrong with this guy and his manegement team. Releasing mini albums with no promo, filming a brand new PV for year old song, releasing his latest live tour almost a year after it wrapped up. And now, announcing a brand new album with no singles to promote it. I know this dude is busy with his OWN TV SHOW, but if you're going to release new music, put some effort into it! Don't be wondering why yo' sales be getting lower and lower if you drop things out of nowhere with no promo!! Anyway, tracklist and covers for "YOU":

CD Only


01. Theme of YOU
02. Birthday Suit
04. Issho.
05. Konya ga Kakumei Zenya
06. Brodiaea
07. ice cream
08. Anthem
09. Kimi no Hitomi no Naka ni Mieta Marukute Aoi Hoshi
10. Love & Hug
11. Modorenai Kara
12. Daite Senorita -2014 version-
-Regular Edition Exclusive-

-SHOP Edition Exclusive-   


Limited Edition A DVD:
・"YOUR STEP" MUSIC VIDEO Tomohisa Yamashita Director's cut ※provided by Fuji TV
・"YOUR STEP" Making Movie Footage From Fuji TV "Otona no KISS Eigo"

Limited Edition B DVD:

CD + DVD Type B

SHOP Edition
Turns out the "Shop" Edition has the better cover art. Which sucks, because is the edition I can't buy.

The tracklist includes the "2014" version of his first solo single "Daite Senorita", originally released WAY BACK in 2006. Dat shit better be good, but if it isn't, no biggie! This looks rushed anyway!

"Your Step" also has a PV that you can google for yourself, said video was directed by Tomohisa himself, which is awesome. The fact that he has been doing more than just photoshoots and sound awful on his songs, has made me "respect" him more, I don't think he qualifies as an idol anymore, surely not after A-Nude was such an amazing album, something a regular idol usually wouldn't even try. 

I may write and post a review of said album, just before this drops in 2 weeks. I wanted some new-new from this guy, and I have gotten it with 3 releases in a row... Universal is getting my money.

I'd also like to point out that a shit ton of producers worked with Pi to make this album happen, including the likes of Fukuhara Miho and ICEDOWN.

YOU releases on October 8th and I'm excited!

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