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Saturday, August 2, 2014

New Release - BoA "Who's Back?" 03/09/2014

Is dis bitch fo' real?


                                                                      BoA is finally dropping a new album!!

Or at least the album itself it's new, cuz da songs have all been released before, and no, one new track doesn't make a new album. Who dis bitch think she is?!! Releasing a full studio with only ONE NEW SONG after a 4 year gap?!?!?! I was hating on Ayu for releasing Love Again, because that shit was a compilation of her last two mini albums, which were released 3 and 6 weeks before. But dis shit right here... NO. Tracklist and covers:

01. First Time
02. Shout It Out
03. Only One
04. FUN
05. Message
07. Milestone
08. I SEE ME
10. The Shadow
11. close to me
12. Call my name
13. Baby you..
14. Tail of Hope


First Time -music video-
Shout It Out -music video-
Only One -music video-
Message -music video-
WOO WEEKEND -music video-
Milestone -music video-
MASAYUME CHASING -music video-
The Shadow -music video-
Tail of Hope -music video-
First Time -Making clip+Interview‐


DIS HO'. You keep your fanbase waiting 4 years for a new album, and you come back with this? This stupid ass album title, cheap ass photoscape type of covers, and a messy ass tracklist?

Now I know this will probably sell like 10k at much, but this is just lazy. Wether BoA, AVEX, or SM are being a bunch of unprofessional mofo's, lazy as fuck, or just don't give a crap anymore... That I'm not sure, but this a hot ass mess... That I'll buy anyways. For those who bought the singles, I feel bad for ya'll. I knew The Face and this were going to be similar: No concept, tons of singles with next to no new tracks, shitty covers and poor management (be with you. was going to be released as a single THE SAME DAY as The Face, but the album was pushed back only one week). The flow of the songs will also suck... At least Call My Name and Message are both in. I'm upset...

Who's Back? Releases on September 3th.

Her Japanese career is over!! Guuuuurl!!

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