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Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Release: Yamashita Tomohisa "Asobi". 20/08/2014

JPOP Prince Yamapi is back!. Well, he's no prince anymore, but name a relevant JPop solo male act besides him and Akinishi... Miura Daichi you said? Sho'. Keep tryin'! And NO, Atsushi doesn't count, he's doesn't do JPop.

Asobi is the title of Pi's upcoming mini album. The theme is "Dance Music", which means more shit tons of EDM. He did something similar with Magic from A-Nude, so it's no shock he pursued that path. I was getting worried about him, with his recent scandals about Sauna bitches not wanting to help with out with his needs, and supposed "Theft", that has been on tabloits lately. Also there was no March/April single this year. But he's back in track! Cover:

CD Only.

The album will be released in 2 editions. One regular CD Only edition, and a limited "Shop" edition, which is what Warner has been doing since Ai Texas. The latter which includes a bonus T-Shirt, already sold out btw. Tracklist!:

3. Mysterious
4. Moon Disco
5. Back to the dance floor
6. Dress Code:
7. LET IT GO  

When I saw the title "LET IT GO", I almost threw a punch to my Laptop's screen. I HATE Frozen, I hate Let It Go, I hate Elsa and all of that shit, it has gotten really on mah nerves. And WTF with the Frozen Blu-Ray selling 1.5 million copies in Japan?!?!?!!? I thought they had better tastes than dat shit.

Anyways, for this mini album Tomohisa once again wrote the lyrics for a song, which is "MOON DISCO". He's also working with a bunch of well know producers, including Japanese and generic Western ones, I only know who Shinichi Ohsawa and Yasutaka Nakata are. The former producing AfterSchool's Shh. and Heaven, and latter well known for pimping Perfume and Papi Pamyu Pamyu. I'll be interesting to hear Yamapi full of dat Vocoder Nakata uses lulz.

And while the cover is shit, I'm legit excited for this. I enjoyed A-Nude so much, that I've been craving for some P new-new ever since December. Also: 

Dem feathers.
I love his engrish, which is sure to be featured A LOT in at least 5 of the tracks. And that's why I'm pre-ordering this right now.

Asobi releases on August 20th.




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