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Friday, July 4, 2014

Shit just got real with FAKY. First and last release of the group: "The One".

My reaction to these news.

FAKY is dat girl group AVEX made up last year. They marketed and hyped the girls as the group we all were waiting for: "Something real and new", "Bilingual members with actual talent", "World class music", etc. They premiered their debut song Better Without You on TV, not only in Japan, but in a few other european countries as well. So, with all the hype, teasers, and all the shit in between, these chicks were expected to deliver and get themselves a nice career.... But it seems dat ain't gonna happen, cuz there's some DRUUUAMUUUH! 

Here's the relevant from the official statement:

"As a result of extensive discussions amongst the members of FAKY and the staff, it has been decided that FAKY will undergo further development, including the possibility of reconfiguring the members of the group, in order to enable delivery of a more powerful form of entertainment and music that is truly unique to FAKY. 

FAKY in its current form with Anna, Lil’ Fang, Mikako, Diane, and Tina will temporarily cease their activity as a group, but will continue on with their individual activities during this process throughout 2014."

Due to those reasons (a.k.a bitches don't like each other no mo'), the long awaited mini album has been released digitally only. Cover and tracklist:

01.    P.O.V. ※Official theme song of Tokyo Girls Audition
02.    Better Without You ※Theme song for the fashion magazine “Sweet” (October issue) TV commercial 
03.    Girl Digger
04.    Get Up ※The ending song for TV Tokyo’s anime series “Cardfight!! Vanguard Legion Mate-hen”
05.    What R You Waiting For ※Ending song for TNC’s variety show “Hakata Stay Hungry”
06.     The One ※The alternative theme song for the Kadokawa Horror Bunko 20th Anniversary Movie “Bilocation”
07.    P.O.V. (Fedd Le Grand Remix)
08.    Better Without You – English Ver. (Starkillers Remix) *iTunes Only
09.    Better Without You – English Ver. (Ivan Gomez & Nacho Chapado Remix)  *iTunes Only

What a shameeeee!! I began to like these chicks and was actually excited for new material. Since the mini album was delayed 3 times, it was obvious that something was going on, but I never thought they were going to kick someone out. Anyway, if someone has to be kicked out, hopefully it'll be Diane, I mean no harm to anyone, but she only stands out because of her hair, so far she has proved NOTHING. Mikako and Lil'Fang (Yes, she goes by that name...), while not bilingual, made effort to at least sing in English, and have gotten solo lines in their songs, something that Diane hasn't because she can't sing for shit. And of course, the leader Anna and Tina *a.k.a White Chick*, are going nowheah, they stand out for the right reasons and if Fangy Fang leaves, they'll fill out her "main vocalist" position with no problem.

I'll leave here the remains of what was FAKY *Cries and shit*:

You can check their Official Site for more news.

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