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Friday, May 30, 2014

Ratchet Wannabees WA$$UP are coming back, they keep popping those flat booties.

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you South Korean girl group WA$$UP. Yes, it is stylized like that. You may be thinking "anotha girl group!?", well yes, another one. But these chicks are different! Just check the picture above, first of all they are using the Brazil World Cup as a concept, and there's a couple of tanned members!.

They debuted last summer with this song/video:

If you didn't notice by the 20 second mark, these hoes debuted with a "twerking" concept, fully "americanized" and looked dirty with those fake ass tans. They got SO MUCH HATE by the online "Kpop community", which is 95% made up of delusional non korean stans. So it was no shock that they were called sluts, whores, posers, trashy nasty ass skanks, flat booty hoes, etc. 

These chicks didn't care thought, they might be 17 year old, but they will pose as hood and ratchet like their careers depended on it. Well that's pretty much true, but you can't deny this is ICONIC:

Dat gold suit, dat pink hair, dat twerk atempt, dem orange shoes worn by 3 members, DAT CHARISMA FOR A DEBUT PERFORMANCE!

Anyways, yes I like this group, the point is that they're making a comeback. "Fire" is their new song, which is yet to be released. And it is not shocking that they're using a Brazil concept and will perform in Brazil soon, since the group's facebook page, and most youtube videos are flooded with comments such as:
"Brazil loves you girls! <3", "Please come to Brazil!", "Brazil and Wassup fighting!". Seriouslly, this is the first time that I've seen a kpop group with ait's larger fan base in a country outside of Asia.

Fire feat M.Tyson "was" released on May 29th, no video yet, but a leaked audio is out:

I don't want to judge it right now, because I've only heard it twice. I'll shade them when the video premieres.


Popping dem booties.

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