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Friday, May 30, 2014

New Release - Kaori Oda "Tsuisou Kanon" 25/06/2014

                                                                           "THIS GURL IS ON FIYAAAAAAAH!"

Kaori Oda is releasing another single, Tsuisou Kanon will be her 6th solo single, and it drops on June 25th. A bit more than just a month over her most recent studio album. Here's the tracklist:

01.追想カノン - Tsuisou Kanon(PlayStation®Vita Game「AMNESIA World」OP THEME

02.心温 - Kokoroatata (PlayStation®Vita Game「AMNESIA World」ED THEME

03. I still lovin' you

04.追想カノン - Tsuisou Kanon(Off Vocal)

05.心温 - Kokoroatata(Off Vocal

Kaori looks gorgeous in that cover, the font is the same one they used for "Akasuki no Butterfly" and "Hana wa Utsusu Ni" btw. Once again, she has the main track and one b-side tied-in to another AMNESIA game (those come out really often too -.-). I won't complain though, I'm glad gurl is still working her butt off, many bitches wish they could be pimped, proceed to flop on the charts and remain under contract.

Talking about flops, Colors, peaked at #52 on the weekly charts. An improvement over Place's #93. Review of her last album coming soon!. Also, Oda and Kalafina are both invited and will perform at MUSIC ENERGY 2014, which will take place on August 29th. They'll share the stage with some other hoes. 

I wonder if they'll argue about Colors' and the upcoming Best album's sales. It might go down like this:

Keiko - "Yo Kaori, I saw you were mimicking mah moves in that new pv of yours. Also heard your shit flopped. LOL, ain't nobody trynna outdance me. Just ask Yuriko!."

*Wakana and Hikaru proceed to raaaf out raud*.

Kaori - "Oh well, at least I have a solo career. Your deep ass voice ain't got one, does it? And don't forget who got the most leads in Elemental and just released another single!."

*Everyone laughts out loud and proceed to outsing every other hoe on stage, while Yuriko is standing in audience wondering why she ain't no main vocalist for FictionJunction and why nobody cares about her solo career. Bitch wasn't even invited to perform.*

I think I drank too much cofee.


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  1. LOLOLOL Those dialogues are so funny, that Hikaru jumping gif is epic. And it's so true, Yuriko has been working AGES with Kajiura, but guess she's only good for Kajiurago. It's obvious Kalafina's Best album is gonna sell good. At least I hope, they haven't topped the Oricon charts since After Eden. Still Kaori solo, FJ and Kalafina keep making music no hoe in the j-pop industry could ever.