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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Release: Kalafina - The Best "Red" and "Blue". 07/16/2014

CD Only - Red

CD Only - Blue

JPop's angel-like girl group, Kalafina. Will be releasing 2 Best Albums in the upcoming July 16th.

RED and BLUE are going to be released in 4 Editions (2 Each), and the covers + tracklists are out already. And they are BEAUTIFUL.


Limited Edition - Red
 1. overture ~New Song~                                2. misterioso
 3. Hikari no Senritsu
 4. Lacrimosa
 5. ARIA
 6. Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa
 7. moonfesta
 8. Hikaru Furu
 9. oblivious
10. Ongaku
11. Consolation
12. Mune no Yukue
13. Yumi no Daichi
14. Eden
15. Alleluia                                                                                                                                                           


          1. storia
          2. Kimi no Gin no Niwa
          3. red moon
          4. Magia
          5. seventh heaven
          6. signal
          7. Natsu no Ringo
          8. sprinter
          9. i have a dream
        10. Mirai
        11. Manten
        12. snow falling
        13. to the beginning
                                                                                            14. symphonia
                                                                                            15. heavenly blue ~New Song~

I don't know if I'll even get one of these compilations. While the trackslists are both pretty good and I own none of their albums (lulz), there's no DVD edition AND I rather listen to their live performances, because these chicks always sound better live than in the recordings (when will your fave?). 

And that's for real, Kalafina are known to be amongst the best vocalist in the Jpop scene right now (Idk if they even do Jpop, they have no specific genre or sound). They can SING and harmonize like if their lives depend on it. Here's a proof:

RED and BLUE drop on 07/16/2014 and will keep Yuki Kajiura's stable of talented ass performers on the payroll, mark my words.

Meanwhile Kaori's new album flops and announces a new single that, will flop too. 

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