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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tetsuya's having a kid, while Yamapi gets no love.


This shit came out of nowhere. Way to crush my hopes. 

Recently it was made public that L'Arc~en~Ciel's leader and bassist, Tetsuya is having a kid. Now, I have no problem at all with him being happy and making things to his 20 year younger-model wife, even less with him having a baby, but this only crushes my hopes for L'Arc to reunite and do more than just a 2 night event (More on that soon), they barely do anything with their solo/side careers, and with the leader expecting a baby and flopping hard with his solo career, it's more unlikely that they'll do a proper return.

That secret might be that he likes to cross-dress, i'm not sure though.

And onto Yamashita Tomohisa (A.K.A better than Akinishi Jin), has been called out as a thirsty mofo that gets no love. Basically he went to some fancy spa and shit, but he was not there just for a spa session, massage or whatever, no. He went there to release some stress, if you know what I mean. Dude asked the employee to give him a special service that is mostly given by the hoes at Shibuya, the employee refused to help him out with his needs, told her manager and Yamapi was banned from the place. 

"On yo' knees ho'! ".

Dude was thirsty, he went all diva and shit on the poor girl asking her "Do yeww nou who I iz?" You conservative bitch! Turning down the blessing of my Yamapee-pee!". But that's not all!! He returned and tried to sneak in with a fake name and was kicked out AGAIN!!. One would expect J-Pop's prince to pick up hoes whenever he wants to, but not only he was kicked out of the place other idols have gotten 'favors' from. He also was rejected by a random chick. His pride must be hurt.

How does that affect mah hopes?. Well, it really doesn't. But I was expecting this guy to drop a new single or at least a DVD of his A-Nude Tour, but there's nothing planned it seems, he's lucky that this is Old Crap and hasn't gotten out there to Mezamashi or something, and that it's still a "rumour". Anyway, I'll just pretend he gave that ho a taste of this:

Cause ain't nobody turning Yamapim-ping-hoes down!

Congratulations to Mr. Tetsu and shame on Yamapi for trying to get some love at a fancy spa.

Rule #1 - If you're an Idol, you pick up one of the girls that pay to see you live and make her nasty dreams come true. Bitches at fancy spas have integrity, stay away from those.

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