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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Namie Amuro to release a ballad best album.

Soooo unexpected and out of nowhere, rearry I can't recall what the BALLAD ONLINE POLL was for and how it even was on Feel Tour 2013's promo inserts.

A few weeks ago, Namie Amuro and her team held an online poll, we were asked to vote for the ballads that we liked the most of her discography, which means they were only 8 ballads and 20 mid-tempo songs.
It was just a matter of when they were going to make this shit official, and here it is.

Namie will be releasing "Ballada" on June 4th, the tracklist is not final yet, so I won't post dat shit right now, even the covers are lacking the font, so i'm just leaving the cover for the edition which i'm preordering (CD+ DVD).

The novelty is that it was revealed that she recorded new vocals for Can You Celebrate? and Sweet 19 Blues. As well new pvs for HimaWAri and Four Seasons. Shit's getting good.

That little black hat reminds me of Skankumi's Driving Hit's 6 covers, the only difference is that Kumi looked like she was about to pimp a ho and Namie looks like she was riding that horse from her Only You video.

Any bets that this album will jump straight up to the top of the Oricon charts and outsell Bon Voyage in ratio of 10:1 in it's first week?

And here's what they did for the teaser:  

*Ballada drops on June 4th, more details on: http://namieamuro.jp/news/news.php?nID=VFWyEmQwPK

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  1. Tbh I'm bummed that ma jam Should I Love Him? is not included but that's not surprising since it wasn't really a hit (White Light tho??). Quite stoked for the new PVs though I think watching the old Namie sing with the young Namie's voice would be kinda weird lmao