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Friday, March 28, 2014

New Release: Kaori Oda - Colors. 2014/05/07.




So my favorite indie chick has released the covers and tracklists of her new album: Colors.

I don't know if she's ever looked better, but girl be looking HOT. Here's the trackslist:

1. true colors
2. Kirameki no Tobira
4. Reverberation
5. Madoromi wo Koete
6. Hana wa Utsutsu ni
7. Escape
8. Kimi to Ai ni naru
9. Shiro, Hitohira
10. Chikai no Hanataba
11. Addicted
12. Akatsuki no Butterfly
13. Ai ga Kikoeru

1. true colors - music video
2. Akatsuki no Butterfly - music video
3. Reverberation - music video
4. Hana wa Utsutsu ni - music video
5. Akatsuki no Butterfly - PSP Game "Amnesia Crowd" OP Movie
6. Reverberation - PS Vita Game "Amnesia V Edition" OP Movie
7. Hana wa Utsutsu ni - PSP Game "Shonobi, Koi Utsutsu" OP Movie
8. Off Shot Making Eizou

I'm not completly sure if she included Akatsuki No Butterfly's and Reverberation's B-Sides. But she DID included Hana Wa Utsutsu Ni's, and I already paid for those. This album better have some colorful/sweet tracks into it, not more generic J-Rock purease!! But it seems she will, meh.

You can preoder the album at CdJapan. I'm sure I will. Hopefully it won't flop... Hard.
Review coming as soon as I get my copy in June, lulz.

I'm releasing my second studio flop arburum and I won't be dropped by my label. When will you ICONIC?

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