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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Trolla Kumi shows off what her Bon Voyage covers should have been.

Kumi Koda released her latest album Bon Voyage a few weeks ago, and somehow she managed to grab the #1 spot on the Oricon weekly rank. While I haven't listened to Bon Voyage YET, I liked all the singles she dropped leading up to the project. So naturally, being the Skankumi fan that I am, I got all excited about her newest album (Not release, she already dropped another messy Driving Hit's remix album, the sixth one ya'll!!!!).

But when I saw the covers, I wasn't shocked for the fact that the 2 promo pictures turned out to be the actual covers, no. I was shocked with how fugly to fuckers were. And they are FUGLY, I mean it.

So out of nowhere, she's promoting her *current* tour ~Koda Kumi: Live Tour 2014 Bon Voyage~. With these posters:

I feel trolled, I feel cheated. 

I hold Skankumi near and dear to my heart, so I won't bash her ass just because of this. But i'll always wonder why they did chose these 2 HOT images to promote the tour, instead of choosing them as the album covers.

I guess i'll just have to keep showing my holla, however one does that. And no, I won't post the actual covers here. I might have nightmares with dem lips again if do.

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