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Friday, March 28, 2014

Breaking Down: Namie Amuro - Feel Tour 2013.

DIS DVD. My story with this release is quite the dummie one. Here it is:

I trully enjoyed Namie's FEEL album, as well as her past one, Uncontrolled. Being the Namie fanboy that I am, I preordered this release right away on CdJapan, but my previous experiences with that site and orders that included posters are not good ones. Whenever I ordered anything Namie related from them, it'd be on mah mailbox 4-6 days after being shipped, but for some weird ass reason, (actually, it must be because of the size of the package) any orders that included a poster, would take more than the 12 days of waiting time. So after that happened yet ONCE AGAIN with my copy TSUKI, I decided to pick this up at YesAsia instead, it was cheaper and I was not going go get my shit held back by the customs. But my luck said "fuck dat shit" and YesAsia shipped my copy in some cheap ass Fedex package, took over 14 days and seems like it was opened by customs.... Meh.

So I FINALLY got my DVD a couple of days ago, I still have yet to see this, but I will! And I will sing along to every single song on the concert (that's how much of a fanboy I am, I know all dem lyrics). And for now I got to unbox this thing, here it is:

Under the slipcase: Airbrushed to death.

I knew it was opened by the customs, there's no DVD!!. Just kidding, dem inserts and cheap booklet.

Namie be getting cheaper everytime, not even a booklet, this was folded.

So yeah, pretty much that. Promoting her TSUKI single and the whole "Vote for yer fav ballad from Queen Namie!" thing her site has going on right now.

I Swear I'll Watch This Soon.

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