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Friday, June 6, 2014

WA$$UP debuts "Fire" on Music Champion. Only 3 relevant members of the group pose for MAXIM Korea.

Jin Ju wishes she would.

WA$$UP have been on fire (pun intended) lately. Releasing a new digital single, confirming some performances at Brazil, performing live to get dem bills paid, etc. So here I am to enlight your minds with these:

 If you think they are hoes, sluts, or whatever, save yo' breath, cause the 3 relevant members of WA$$UP are too busy counting the money they got paid to do what they do best: Skank it up.

Just look at dat, Nari (wearing the 60's swimsuit thing), Nada (the one spreading her butt cheeks), and Dain (the one with the hot red dress) are looking fooooine. So what are the other members doing? What is the leader Jun Ji doing though? -Mini Rant coming- Fo' real ya'll, I still can't understand why she's still the leader, nobody cares about her boring ass. Being semi-bilingual does not matter if you barely talk. I mean, she's in a group with the former chicks, bitch you better skank dat shit up or get yo ass back home. The concept of the "hip hop" group is freaking twerking! Does that say anything to you? Skank it up!!!

Wa$$up also debuted "Fire" on Music Champion. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I kind of like the song, because it's catchy and because the lyrics actually go "my butt is on fire", but it sounds a little too childish for me. I expect my ratchet hoes to drop something hot, not some track that sounds like something the cliched ass children in a cliched ass school bus would sing, with all the "go team!" chanting and shit. Also, the vocals are heavily edited, not that I have a problem with it, (they were heavily edited for "Hotter Than A Summer" and "Galaxy", the latter being the best song they've released so far), but they sound plain weird here.

Also I LOVE how they proceed to prance around like kinder garden students counting their ABCs, after they were shaking and poppin' their booties on cable TV. And guess who are the only members wearing a "Brazil" Tee? That's right, Nari and Nada, the sexier members. They need to put Dain in a sub unit with them ala Orange Caramel or just get rid of the background hoes. Even though I kind of like them all...

Anyway, don't know what else to say... Imma just go and try to figure out how to "jump like a riot".

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