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Saturday, July 19, 2014


More cheap smartphone shots!

And still celebrating! This time for the announcement of VAMPS' upcoming single: GET AWAY/THE JOLLY ROGER. Which is out next month. So I'll review their last single! Here we go:

Released in July 3th 2013, AHEAD/REPLAY has to be VAMPS' better single as of now.

The single opens up with AHEAD - Hard rock, energetic track. Features HYDE's famous screaming. HYDE himself composed the music and wrote the lyrics for this song, which are about trying to survive or some shit like dat. He claims to need only thing by his side, which might very well be a shotgun. You can't just go there and yell at people "Get the hell outta my way!". At least learn how to defend yoself. This was also later released as "World's End" as a digital single only. Changes include the song being sung completely in Engrish... Which is ironic because 90% of the lyrics were already in english. Generic track, with some screaming and awesome guitars.

REPLAY is another rock track that has this "dark" vibe going on. Lyrics are also about some tragedy and letting people's souls thru heaven's gates. He doesn't need lazers to beat you up, he's got an X-Ray and will use it. Come on HYDE, is you doing drugs? Or maybe this shit's subjective... I don't know men, I'm not that smart. The bridge in this track is amazing, HYDE's vocals are pretty good too, hitting those high notes that I love so much from him. Replay starts really strong and remains that way throught the whole length. Chorus is great too! K.A.Z did a nice job with this one.  It's just badass, I mean... You got a 5 feet tall guy asking you to fight him at the next stage, he'll beat you up with an X-Ray while dragons fly around and the world is burning. BADASS.

AHEAD/REPLAY is an awesome single. Both tracks are really strong and A-Side worthy of their own, huge plus they're totally in English, since my Japanese language skills are basic as fuck. And HYDE's the king of engrish after all.

I'll post 'bout the upcoming single when the covers are out!

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